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  • April 8, 2012
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  • Warsaw Light
  • A stroll through Warsaw from Nowy Miasto to Nowy Swiat with my Leica M9 inspired by Bernardo Bellotto Canaletto.

    On 29th March, after a day doing some business in Warsaw, I went for a stroll from my Hotel the Mamaison Hotel Le Regina, in Nowy Miasto and walked through the more famous Stary Miasto all in a straight line to Nowy Swiat, the Oxford Street so to speak of Warsaw. It was a cold sunny, cl0udy day, constantly threatening to rain ans snow!, but with spectacular clouds coming and going and the light changing every second.

    My Leica M9 proved perfect at capturing this all and later processing the images in the latest version of Adobe Lightroom v4, I was able to squeeze every detail out. Whilst taking the pictures I always had in mind the famous paintings by Bernardo Bellotto Canaletto in the 1750’s patronised by StanisÅ‚aw II August Poniatowski.

    You can see more of these pictures in a slideshow.