‘What to expect at your first professional portrait photo shoot’

You have decided that you need some photographs and someone has recommended a professional photographer to you that you think can do the job and you want to get the most out of it and enjoy the process from beginning to end, ending up with images that portray what you want in just the way you want it and that represents good value for a good job, well done.

The start of any successful project begins with developing  a detailed brief together, then all parties concerned doing what was agreed. I outline such a process below which will remove any stress from the clients side and which enables me to deliver the results they need.

Developing the brief begins with a series of questions such as:

  • What are the pictures to be used for?
  • How will they be used: on a website or for social media, press releases, or a brochure?
  • Who are the likely audiences?
  • Using a studio, or a plain wall in the home or office?
  • If on location, posed or at work?
  • In one location or several?
  • Informal or formal portraits?
  • Formal and/or informal clothing?
  • Do we need a makeup artist, hairdresser or stylist?
  • Headshots only, waist up or full length?
  • People on their own or in groups?
  • Will there be any props, such as furniture, products, notice boards or posters to be features of background details to be obscured?
  • In what formats will they be needed?: files for print or web, what formats, size and resolutions, if prints then what size and paper type?
  • When will the people be available for the shoot and for how long?
  • When are the pictures needed?
  • Who are they to be delivered to? Delivery by DropBox, a file delivery service, CD/DVD, courier or post?

We then go on to the day of the shoot:

  • Allow plenty of time to arrive at the agreed location, park, put on and adjust the clothes selected and freshen up, makeup, hair etc, as necessary.
  • It is my job to make you feel at ease during the shoot and you will need to keep in mind the image of yourself and your colleagues, that you want the public to see in particular relation to the context of the page, website or brochure the pictures are being taken for.
  • If there are props to be included, ensure someone has arranged to have them to hand, repaired, cleaned and functioning as required.
  • If not at a studio that I have arranged, make sure the space has not been booked by anyone else for the time needed, nor that any works are to be carried out in the area.
  • I plan to work quickly as all clients are busy people! and I know that one tires rapidly when facing the camera.
  • I will shoot a variety of poses, changing clothes and accessories as necessary.
  • I will help you be your best self.

Within two days of the shoot or earlier as agreed, I send the client a link to a private slideshow of the pictures taken and:

  • Selections can be made for use and/or
  • for some tweaks and changes, such as
  • re-cropping, removing the odd spot or two and having black and white versions.
  • if major post production is then asked for such as cut outs, dropping in new backgrounds or extensive retouching this is first quoted for on a time basis.
  • The pictures are then delivered in the media, files and formats pre agreed.

If now, armed with this knowledge you would like to book a photoshoot, please contact me via the contact page on the website: https://www.stefanlubo.com/contact/ or email stefan@stefanlubo.com

or by phone tel: 0207 385 0773 Mob: 07770 946479